TeraHertz for Wellness


The iTeraCare TeraHertz Frequency is found between far infrared and microwave with a wavelength between 30 and 3000 microns which is the same wavelength absorbed by the human cells.

When cells are irradiated by TeraHertz Frequency it rapidly enhances energy into the human body and activates the inert cells. It's radiant energy is only 1/40 of sunlight and 1/1000 of mobile phone Frequency.

Research shows that it is completely safe for the human body to absorb. The penetration of the TeraHertz Frequency is able to reach 20-30 centimeters under the skin, internal organs and bone marrow constantly unclogging and cleansing the blood vessels and lymph in the body.

Thus, simultaneously improves micro-circulation, reduces coldness, reducing tumor, skin nourishment, repairs unhealthy or damaged tissues, removes necrosis, healing of internal organs and further strengthening the cells.

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TeraHertz for Wellness

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