Marketing Funnels are an absolute necessity in building a successful business.

They give you a place to send your prospects where you can capture their contact inromation which puts you, the business owner, in control of the communication.

Having a proper marketing/sales funnel is essential to creating duplicatable success!

Each one of the funnels below is connected to your Topup link and provides a seamless process from introducing your prospects to Prife International to them making a purchase and becoming an affiliate.

Below is a list of funnels within the My TeraHertz System.

Frequency and Wellness

Mobile Responsive Sales Site

The latest addition to the My TeraHertz System is the Frequency and Wellness sales site!

This site is a one stop shop for your prospective customers to order any of the incredible products with Prife International.

This site also allows your customers to order multiple products at the same time with its shopping cart feature.

Google translator is also installed on this site making it the perfect site to send any customer to from anywhere in the world.

Mobile Responsive Funnel

This is the original funnel in the My TeraHertz System and is a favorite amongst some of the top leaders in the company!

Your prospects are presented with a short, interest generating video that prompts them to request information by providing their name, email address and phone number. This is called opting in.

The presentation page in this funnel covers the iTeraCare device and also marketing plan, making it the perfect funnel to use to introduce prospects that are interested in both the device and the business opportunity. The follow up emails for this funnel talk about both the iTeraCare Device and the business opportunity.

TeraHertz for Wellness

Mobile Responsive Funnel

The TeraHertz for Wellness funnel is an absolute powerhouse!

This funnel was created for members who want to focus on the iTeraCare device and point their marketing efforts towards the product.

This funnel does not talk about the business opportunity of Prife International and focuses soley on the iTeraCare device.

The follow up emails for this funnel talk about the iTeraCare device only and do not mention the business opportunity.

A Water Revolution

Mobile Responsive Funnel

The Water Revolution funnel is an essential tool for promoting the 7 Wonders!

This funnel focuses on the new 7 Wonders water bottle and is proving to be a very power tool for promoting this incredible new product.

This funnel does have a product focus and does not mention the business opportunity with Prife International.

The follow up emails for this funnel talk about the 7 Wonders water bottle only and do not mention the business opportunity.

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